Subject Matter FERPA Compliance

Subject Matter FERPA Compliancy: We believe in a simple core principal, that putting a student in the center and surrounding them with everyone that they need to be successful, immediately improves on-boarding, retention, graduation and placement. Our goal is to significantly improve student success.
The SubjectMatter platform connects students with the expert resources they need when they need them. Through on-demand, scheduled and real-time interactions using audio, video, private messaging and text. When ever they want, where ever they are, on the devices they use everyday. We call it a “private expert knowledge network”.

SubjectMatter’s “Expert Knowledge Network” technology creates personalized success networks. In this capacity it allows a consumer to connect and communicate privately with a variety of organizational experts. Education Institutions and Organizations use SubjectMatter to virtualize student and academic support services allowing students to connect face-to-face using audio and video technologies, in a safe and secure environment, accessing the expert resources they need when they need them.

User Data

The Subject Matter FERPA team takes the security and protection of student information protection very seriously. No one will have access to, nor will we disclose any information from, a student educational record without the written consent of the student. The only exceptions: “school official with legitimate educational interests,” to authorized representatives of the federal and state governments for audit and evaluation of federal and state supported programs, or other provisions outlined by the FERPA document.

Security and Encryption

Our platform was developed from the ground up with security in mind. All Subject MatterFERPA server certificates are signed by a recognized Certificate authority (DigiCert) using 256-bit SSL encryption for all web communication. All communication systems communication by and between the database, application, and authentication servers utilize secure SSL connections.